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A.I. Enterprises Ltd. Tenant Agreement
The tenant represents that all of the information provided to A.I. Enterprises Ltd. is true and complete and agree that it can be relied on by A.I. Enterprises Ltd.  Also, the tenant agrees to the terms of the following privacy clause.
(A) A.I. Enterprises Ltd. may collect any and all updated personal information about the client in connection with reference checks, including but not limited to former employers, colleagues, subordinates or others as deemed necessary and / or any other knowledge or information which you may possess, and for so doing, let this be your good and sufficient authority.
(B) A.I. Enterprises Ltd. may use the information as follows:
      (i) To determine eligibility of tenancy.
     (ii) To give to anyone who works with or for A.I. Enterprises Ltd. but only as needed for providing the services the tenant request.
    (iii) To promote A.I. Enterprises Ltd. services to the client.
    (iv) To share with other landlords requiring a reference check.
The tenant may inform A.I. Enterprises Ltd. to stop using the information the ways described in section (B) above at any time by contacting A.I. Enterprises Ltd.  At 506-853-3002
If the tenant is no longer a tenant of A.I. Enterprises Ltd. or this Agreement terminates.  A.I. may keep the information in its records so long as it is needed for the purposes described in section (B) above.